Stop the E-Mail Lists!


I’ve been listening to some wonderful podcasts about earning a living while doing what you love, finding your passion in life, building a following and being successful. It’s great that I can learn to figure this all out now that I am nearly ready to retire from my career. Those podcasts are inspiring and energizing, but… as soon as they start talking about the need for building a marketing email list, I want to explode!

Here’s my PROMISE to you, I will NEVER ask for your email address to add to ANY list.

Here’s why:

(See above) I am not yet retired rather I am closer to the end than the beginning of my career. So, I’ve had a few promotions and I have a nice title with “Director of [certain processes] Systems” in it. I am in a field that requires me to attend conferences, and when you attend a conference for work, your title goes into the registration. Corporations sponsor conferences, and I am sure that gives them access to the list of registered attendees. Every day, I am assaulted with unsolicited emails and phone calls – distracting me from my ACTUAL WORK! I should mention here, that just because I am a Director of [certain processes] Systems, does not mean that i am in a position to purchase software that costs thousands of dollars. I can ask my supervisor to purchase software, if I need it, and if there’s money in the budget that someone else doesn’t need, I might get that software, eventually, but I am NOT the CIO (only person who can make those decisions).

My personal email inbox is also flooded on a daily basis by every company I ever slowed down enough to glance at one of their products on the web. My personal inbox currently has 29,000 unread, unsolicited emails.

It has been “genXsplained” to me that I can unsubscribe from these emails. Sure I can, but that seems to just verify that they have reached an email inbox that is valid. And those emails just keep-a-comin’.

So, as I build my dream retirement job. I will trust that if you find what I have to offer useful, you will find your way to me. I will also trust that if you think that what I have to offer is useful to some of your friends or family, you will send them my way… meanwhile, I’ll keep listening to the following podcasts and hope you find them as inspiring and energizing as I find them. Maybe we’ll both have our dreamjob – someday.

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How to Find Your Life Purpose – My Journey To Fearless

  • What were you like as a child? What did people tell you as a child? What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • What are you good at? What hobbies do you have? What causes are you passionate about?
  • What do you enjoy about your job/previous jobs? What amazing skills do you have to share with the world?

via How to Find Your Life Purpose – My Journey To Fearless

I am over 60 and yet, I still don’t seem to know what I want to do with my life. I allowed life to make choices for me. Not making a decision IS a decision. So, I defaulted to whatever offer was on the table and now that I am close to retiring from my day job, it’s time for me to explore what I can accomplish with the next act in this play.

I’ve been listening to some very useful podcasts and now I will attempt to share with you some of the advice and how it works (or doesn’t) when I apply that advice.

The first step that I have to accomplish is figuring our what the heck I feel passionate enough about to want to stick with it. This reminds me of the advice about choosing a dissertation topic. If you are going to have to work at something and apply yourself and have days when everything doesn’t go the way you have planned, then you really need to find something that won’t bore you. I have so many inerests that are passing interests. What everyone is saying here is that you have to dig deeper than that. You have to dig down or back in your past to find what lights you up.

What lights me up? It’s useful to look at childhood dreams because they were not influenced by how long or difficult the path to accomplishing those dreams is. It’s purely the act of looking without the filter of what obstacles may or may not exist… throw out the logic, get rid of negative self-talk and just answer for yourself – What were those childhood dreams? Yes, we’re spitballing here… get out the sticky notes and write some ideas down. NO FILTERS ALLOWED.

I’d love to hear what your answers are, too.





My Salad Days

“When I was green in judgment, cold in blood, To say as I said then!” Antony And Cleopatra Act 1, scene 5, 67–75

Journal Entry

The writer’s block begins where my courage ends. “To say as I said then!” Once, very long ago I wrote whatever came to mind. There are times I wish I could just write every thought that comes to mind and honestly get it all out on paper (screen), but I am not so green anymore. I know that scribblings have consequences. I don’t even trust the hard copy written journal as fragile as life is these days. Once the thoughts are on paper, you really do not have control of who will read those words, how they’ll react or where they will be shared.

Are my words bad, dangerous, hurtful, or hateful? I seriously doubt that they are, but they are intensely private and as long as they stay locked inside, I control them. I only let them out when they behave on the leash and don’t run wild.

Last year I read a dead woman’s journal. That she held on to those journals nearly 60 years after they were written is one thing that surprises me most.

So, my salad days are over and all that is left are a few sparse scraps of cryptic poetry whose meaning remains under control.

This is how I interpret the Daily Prompt for today’s Blogging 101 assignment.