Cabin in the Woods

Years ago, before everyone had mobile devices, before dot com, before, everyone from toddlers to grandparents and all between were on their mobile devices and connected through the Internet, there was a cabin in the woods.

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods

This cabin did not have a thermostat, nor hot and cold running water, not even indoor plumbing. A wood stove, a hose that siphoned water from a spring, and an outhouse were used instead. It had three small rooms and a sleeping loft. A dozen or so chickens roamed on the porch and two dwarf goats ran freely from outside to in. One orange tom cat guarded the path that ran through the woods up to the cabin.

One Orange Cat

One Orange Cat

The occupants were not reclusive or eccentric by local standards. They were merely creative and concerned more with local issues and a big one was about to take over the attention of nearly everyone in the area. This would be the 25th anniversary of a famous music event that defined a generation.

Armed with imagination and a 386 computer, these two would make a bit of history themselves.

It is hard to look back now and recall when it all snowballed into “A Project.” It could have been when the New York Times reporter did that first story. The interview was done by phone. The reporter never saw the cabin in the woods or the cat, the chickens, the goats, but the world would soon be aware that it all existed. After the New York Times, the local news outlets followed as well as other national news, but I can’t get ahead of the story here.

It is really the story of two people who made something happen. For one year before the others thought of connecting these same ideas, two people with very few resources brought together computer users asking questions, ability to chat, answers from on the scene, sound files, scanned artwork, and more. It would be known as Woodstock Online.

Dwarf Goats

Dwarf Goats

Have you ever started a creative project that took off quickly and became popular? Tell us more…


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