Site Planning

As part of Blogging 201 over at The Daily Post we’ve all been asked to think about the development of our blog and where we’d like to see it go. I’ve realized that it’s a journey, this blogging. I’ve got so much to learn and I need a safe place to experiment with the medium.

I hope to connect to myself increasing my creativity. I want to play a bit with words, meaning, and stories here while maintaining a safe place.

I hope to connect with others by listening to comments and feedback as well as by following the blogs other people write.

My goals derived from such reflections:
1.) Write regularly – Develop and maintain 15 draft postings
2.) Explore modes of storytelling – Use more photo, video, and original art
3.) Connect with people – read at least one new blog per week and comment, while still following others.
4.) Build Audience – Establish a new weekly feature.


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