Today I’m interested in learning… Aquaponics

It started simply enough. I think. A staff member asked if she could have an aquarium on her desk. Instead of coming directly to me, she asked the Office Naysayer, who took pleasure in saying, “No.” Who then came to me, chuckling at the thought that someone might want to *gasp* bring a fish into the office.

I can be a bit dense at time, which said Naysayer would claim to be an understatement. So, when the issue was brought to my attention, I didn’t quite see the problem. I said, “Well, sure… why not? As long as she doesn’t leave for vacation without taking the fish with her.” OMGosh…

Next day, Naysayer prints out and highlights the company policy that says, “No domestic animals.” I’m thinking… ‘Seriously?’

So, I go to [large chain pet store] and buy a betta fish. I’ve seen those little guys in tiny bowls before.

fish land


Everyone (except Naysayer) seems to like the little guy. I wasn’t thrilled because every day his water was murky. It looked so unhealthy and I really didn’t want to be a fish-failure. I went back to [large chain pet store] to find a more appropriate fish tank… which is what started the next part of my journey. I found the neatest little fishtank, just perfect for the top of my desk.

Back to the Roots Aquafarm


That made me start thinking bigger… what about something bigger? At home? Why do I have a quarter acre and still spend [OMGosh so much] money at the grocery store?

Now, I found the neatest company…. they sell everything I need to start my own backyard fish-farm / garden / someday small business?


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