My Salad Days

“When I was green in judgment, cold in blood, To say as I said then!” Antony And Cleopatra Act 1, scene 5, 67–75

Journal Entry

The writer’s block begins where my courage ends. “To say as I said then!” Once, very long ago I wrote whatever came to mind. There are times I wish I could just write every thought that comes to mind and honestly get it all out on paper (screen), but I am not so green anymore. I know that scribblings have consequences. I don’t even trust the hard copy written journal as fragile as life is these days. Once the thoughts are on paper, you really do not have control of who will read those words, how they’ll react or where they will be shared.

Are my words bad, dangerous, hurtful, or hateful? I seriously doubt that they are, but they are intensely private and as long as they stay locked inside, I control them. I only let them out when they behave on the leash and don’t run wild.

Last year I read a dead woman’s journal. That she held on to those journals nearly 60 years after they were written is one thing that surprises me most.

So, my salad days are over and all that is left are a few sparse scraps of cryptic poetry whose meaning remains under control.

This is how I interpret the Daily Prompt for today’s Blogging 101 assignment.


2 thoughts on “My Salad Days

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  2. I hear what you say ; my mother always said be careful what you write , I do try my best to not hurt with my words but I know interpretation can often be quite alien sometimes to what the writer is really saying and yes poetry can offer some protection in that area. I refuse however to stop writing on those grounds , perhaps I shall tame my writing a little here and there , I do find the more effort I put into it the more progress I make. Sometimes though I just write and abandon the fear my lovely mom instilled in us , for our own good I may add. Aristotle talked about this type of communication and he seemed to think it was not a great thing to say anything without first carefully thinking about what we are talking about , I do think about what I say , but I also believe you are a wonderful writer and it would be sad if you did not share your posts as to be able to write is a gift and I look forward to your posts. Kind regards and Happy days from Kathy.

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