Continuing the Search for Inspiration #GoogleThat

The internet is a wonderful place to look for inspiration as long as you don’t get caught in the weeds. Have you ever started looking for one piece of information, then found you’d lost a couple of hours and are learning about something completely new and unrelated to your initial inquiry?

This is what I mean when I write that I am attracted to shiny things. I am easily distracted by a new word, concept, artist, craft, material, method, or place.

The other day I was looking up what to do with $100. The idea is that if you have very little money to invest, you can still earn a bit with it. That led me back to the concept of micro-loans and all the good that you could do by lending to a craft person who just needs to buy some materials to get their own little bit of a business going. That led me to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site for creative projects. I find a lot of my inspiration comes from the inspiration of others. That led me to the concept of CrowdInvesting, which in turn led me to CrowdSpeaking.

Etsy and Pinterest are favorite jumping off places. So, I’ll start browsing for interesting (shiny things) creative work. Here are some of the words I’m learning.

Want to play match the term to the picture?

  1. Pâte de verre
  2. Soutache
  3. Grosgrain

The other day, I became fascinated with Artist Trading Cards (ATC) never sold for money, which led me to Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEO) same size, but they are sold for money. Those concepts are closely related to Original Small Works of Art (OSWA) a little bigger than the trading card size and they are sold for money. A google image search for these leads my mind to far off lands.


The Unending Search for Ideas

Faced with a blank page. Feeling like I have nothing to say. Needing to write, but the Muses have fled. “Just write anything,” they say.

I decided to develop a bit of a creative community of support here at Truth and Tarrididdle, so today I am just asking other writers, where do you look for inspiration when the well runs dry?

  • Ideas for prose
  • Ideas for poetry
  • Ideas for songs
  • Ideas for articles
  • Ideas for blog posts

“Nicolas Poussin 055” by The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

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